Five Must Know Tips to Get You Ready For the New Season!

You work so hard in the off season, but how do you know if you’ll be ready for the first draw? Here are 5 tips T3 Player Development Staff to get you in shape for the first whistle blow.

  1. Commit to at least two hours of wall ball every week.

The basic fundamental function of lacrosse is catching and throwing, so it is always important to have your stick in your hand and get in your reps.  Wall ball improves focus and enhances stick skills no matter what age or skill level.

  1.  Cardio

Don’t forget lacrosse is the fastest game on two feet.  Whether it’s braving the cold and going for a jog outside or staying warm on the treadmill, it’s always important to fit in cardio into your workout routine.We suggest starting with 30 minutes of running and every week increase your run by 5 minutes to boost your endurance.

  1. Agility

Running is important, but not enough to be game-day ready.  Doing cone exercises and ladders are essential to build the skills you need for lacrosse.  Include drills that work on breaking down your feet, cutting, and accelerating from a stopped position. 5-10-5’s, the T-drill and the box drill (sprint, shuffle, back peddle, shuffle) are some of our favorites.

  1. Position Specific Training

Make sure to take some time out of your week to build your Lax IQ and the skills you need for your position.  Attackers learn a new shot technique that you haven’t tried before. Defenders go back to basics and work on your stance and positioning.  Goalies break out the reaction ball and work on your hand eye coordination. Do what you need to be the best at your position.

  1. Get Organized

Lacrosse season is a busy time.  With practices and games now on your plate, you want to make sure you have your schoolwork and other aspects of your life in order.  Get ahead of that project you’ve been pushing off. Organize your calendar for the spring. Clean your room! Do whatever you can to get ahead of the game. Pocket Schedule Planner is a great organizational app that we found valuable to keep track of your classes.

Find a training session in your area by visiting our T3 Lacrosse Training Page!

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