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Have You Ever Wondered What T3 Stands For?

T3 Lacrosse is a dominant girls lacrosse brand in the tri-state area.  You have probably seen our name and our famous stick guy, but have you ever wondered what T3 stands for? Well, it’s a term that every lacrosse player should have in their vocabulary and skill set.  It’s the triple threat position.

The triple threat is the attacking position where a player can be a threat as a dodger, feeder or shooter. You are ready for anything and keeping your defenders on their toes.  Your hands are back, your stick is high and you are ready for all potential situations. When in the triple threat position make sure to keep your body in between you and your defender in order to protect your stick.  Also make sure to keep your head on a swivel. Be aware of your surroundings and what your teammates are doing. Whether they are clearing space for you to dodge and take your lane or cutting and asking for a feed, in the triple threat you are ready for either.  

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