Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your Game In The Rain

The forecast says it’s going to rain, but you have a big game tomorrow, what to do?! Well, T3 Elite Director of Player Development, Julia Braun has put together 5 tips for playing in the rain to help you get prepared and optimize your time on the field.

     As long as there is no thunder or lightning, lacrosse games will be played in the rain, but besides putting on your trusty cleats to play in grass and mud and donning your best water resistant jacket under your uniform/pinney, How can you play well?

  1. Don’t pull your strings super tight because your stick bagged out when it got wet. Your pocket turned into a bag and now it’s illegal. Before you tighten ALL of your strings, try just tightening the shooting strings and the sidewall strings. Those are the parts that give your pocket its shape and depth. Afterward: Don’t stick it somewhere and forget about it. Either take a hair dryer to your pocket or stuff some newspapers in it, otherwise your stick will be a brick wall the next dry day.
  2. Focus on your footwork. If you stay low, especially on defense, keep some bend in the knee and really work on breaking down your footwork, you’ll be much less likely to slide
  3. Shoot Low. If you are on grass the ball will skip unpredictably off the wetness of the grass. If you are in mud, the same will happen, but too hard and it will get stuck in the mud!
  4. Let your hair get wet. Hoods pulled under your goggles limit visibility and can be dangerous. Put your hood down, dig deep and play with guts.
  5. Have fun. It will be cooler so you can run longer without the heat slowing you down. Everybody is playing in the same conditions. The ball will stay in your stick better and you can really play some nice lacrosse in the rain. 

Julia BraunMeet The Author- Julia Braun 

Oversees all aspects of T3’s grade based core curriculum, utilizes her background in strength and conditioning to facilitate the T3 Strength program, implements coach training and support across regions to solidify consistency in teaching platform. Former player at Bucknell University, former assistant coach at Bucknell University. NSCA Certified Strength Coach.

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