Tournament Season Is Here, Are You Ready?

Summertime and the Laxin’ is Easy! Tournament season has arrived and will fly by before you know it.  In order to make the most of your time on and off the field, T3 Lacrosse Recruiting Coordinator Suzie Friedrich has put together her tips and tricks for a successful summer season.
1. Get those emails written at the beginning of the week so you’re not doing it last minute. College coaches appreciate emails early so they can plan their weekend (which fields to go to and who they’re watching).  As the week goes on, your focus should be on your game and not in the fact that your procrastination is looming over your head!
2. Socks. Extra socks. You will play better if your feet are comfortable.  You never know what the weather is going to do or what condition the fields might be in. If you have a pair dry socks to put on for each game, your feet will thank you later!  If your shoes are wet, shove a few newspaper pages into each one and leave them over night. The newspaper draws the water out and you’ll be good to go in the morning.
3. Get out of your comfort zone and meet some new people. When you walk onto the field, introduce yourself to your opponent. Maybe ask her where she goes to school, what colleges she’s interested in, etc. The lacrosse world is small…you might end up seeing her at a camp, playing against her in another tournament, realize you have mutual friends, or maybe even play together in college someday! You will also know her name so when her teammates say it, you’ll be ready to defend her!
4. Learn something interesting about each person on your team. Now don’t try to do this all in the first weekend! During your off time, spend it with someone on your team you don’t know all that well. Ask fun questions. The team that knows each other well and has great chemistry will usually win. (Hint…put your phones away every now and then and just enjoy the moments)
5. Shake it off and move on to the next play. You might feel like you’re under pressure to be perfect in front of college coaches.  NEWS FLASH! You’re not perfect! If something doesn’t go your way, let it go and move on to the next play. Coaches like to see how you react after a bad call or a mistake. If you can move on and attack the next moment, you’ll get bonus points.
6. Say thank you. Thank those who are giving you this awesome opportunity. Your parents, your coaches, a sibling that got dragged kicking and screaming to your games.  An attitude of gratitude!
7. Have fun! Nothing better than laxin’ with your friends all summer. Work hard, play hard!

Meet The Author- Suzie Friedrich

Suzie Friedrich spent her collegiate lacrosse career at Penn State.  She then went on to play for the US Lacrosse Team for 2 years. Suzie taught health and physical education for 15 years in Collingswood and Morristown, New Jersey and also in Baltimore, MD.  After that, she was the head soccer and lacrosse coach at Washington College for 5 years.  For the next 8 years she went on to be the first assistant and defensive coordinator at Cornell University. In 2016 Suzie was named the IWLCA Division 1 Assistant Coach of the Year.  Suzie is now one of T3 Lacrosse’s Recruiting Coordinators, working with our North region to place T3 Elite athletes in the NCAA.

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