T3 Lacrosse Members Stand Out Amongst International Lacrosse Competition

The beginning of August was an exciting time for a handful of members in our T3 Elite family. From August 1st-10th, Lindsay Mazzucco (T3 North 2021 Black), Sarah Cedarstrand (T3 North 2018 Black and T3 Intern), Jula Tully (T3 Central 2019), Tiana Vazquez (T3 Cobra 2023 Assistant Coach), Jen Marrosu (Former T3 North Regional Director) and Gemini Fan (LGS Events Summer Tournament Assistant) participated in the 2019 U19 World Lacrosse Championships in Peterborough, Canada. Mazzucco, Cederstrand and Vasquz competed for the undefeated Puerto Rico squad, while Tully played for Ireland and Marrosu and Fan were on the coaching staff for Hong Kong.

Our ladies blew up the stat sheet:

Lindsay Mazzucco: 40 saves, 51% save percentage, 2 caused turnovers, 9 loose balls

Sarah Cedarstrand: 1 goal, 2 assists, 1 draw control, 3 caused turnovers, 10 loose balls and 1 clear

Tiana Vazquez: 10 goals, 4 assists, 10 draw controls, 4 caused turnovers, 7 loose balls

Jula Tully: 40 saves, 52% save percentage, 5 loose balls

Click here f0r more results and statistics

We spoke with our T3 Elite athletes to discuss their experience playing in the World Championships. Cedarstrand noted that it was incredible being able to “gain a new group of sisters and unforgettable memories”. She also gave us her favorite moment from the tournament. “My favorite moment of the tournament was beating the Haudenosaunee for the second time and going 8-0 to break a world record.” Mazzucco reflected on this opportunity to compete on the world stage. “It was an incredible feeling to be able to play with the players from all over the world. We felt so special to be able to represent Puerto Rico and the game that we love. It was a great learning experience to play at such a high level of talent. I certainly became a better teammate and athlete.”

Tully discussed the comradery amongst the competing countries. “I loved that after each game the countries we played still always had a level of respect for us and vice versa everywhere we went.” When discussing T3 Lacrosse, Cedarstrand and Mazzucco were on the same page. They both agreed that their experience with T3 helped them form tight bonds with their teammates and coaches, gave them a strong support system, and surrounded them with players who were committed to succeeding in lacrosse. 


Good luck to Vazquez and Tully in their first year playing for Hartford and Muhlenberg, as well as returning Sophomore, Cedarstand at Rutgers University!

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