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Tournament Season Is Here, Are You Ready?

Summertime and the Laxin’ is Easy! Tournament season has arrived and will fly by before you know it.  In order to make the most of your time on and off the field, T3 Lacrosse Recruiting Coordinator Suzie Friedrich has put together her tips and tricks for a successful summer season.
1. Get those emails written at the beginning of the week so you’re not doing it last minute. College coaches appreciate emails early so they can plan their weekend (which fields to go to and who they’re watching).  As the week goes on, your focus should be on your game and not in the fact that your procrastination is looming over your head!
2. Socks. Extra socks. You will play better if your feet are comfortable.  You never know what the weather is going to do or what condition the fields might be in. If you have a pair dry socks to put on for each game, your feet will thank you later!  If your shoes are wet, shove a few newspaper pages into each one and leave them over night. The newspaper draws the water out and you’ll be good to go in the morning.
3. Get out of your comfort zone and meet some new people. When you walk onto the field, introduce yourself to your opponent. Maybe ask her where she goes to school, what colleges she’s interested in, etc. The lacrosse world is small…you might end up seeing her at a camp, playing against her in another tournament, realize you have mutual friends, or maybe even play together in college someday! You will also know her name so when her teammates say it, you’ll be ready to defend her!
4. Learn something interesting about each person on your team. Now don’t try to do this all in the first weekend! During your off time, spend it with someone on your team you don’t know all that well. Ask fun questions. The team that knows each other well and has great chemistry will usually win. (Hint…put your phones away every now and then and just enjoy the moments)
5. Shake it off and move on to the next play. You might feel like you’re under pressure to be perfect in front of college coaches.  NEWS FLASH! You’re not perfect! If something doesn’t go your way, let it go and move on to the next play. Coaches like to see how you react after a bad call or a mistake. If you can move on and attack the next moment, you’ll get bonus points.
6. Say thank you. Thank those who are giving you this awesome opportunity. Your parents, your coaches, a sibling that got dragged kicking and screaming to your games.  An attitude of gratitude!
7. Have fun! Nothing better than laxin’ with your friends all summer. Work hard, play hard!

Meet The Author- Suzie Friedrich

Suzie Friedrich spent her collegiate lacrosse career at Penn State.  She then went on to play for the US Lacrosse Team for 2 years. Suzie taught health and physical education for 15 years in Collingswood and Morristown, New Jersey and also in Baltimore, MD.  After that, she was the head soccer and lacrosse coach at Washington College for 5 years.  For the next 8 years she went on to be the first assistant and defensive coordinator at Cornell University. In 2016 Suzie was named the IWLCA Division 1 Assistant Coach of the Year.  Suzie is now one of T3 Lacrosse’s Recruiting Coordinators, working with our North region to place T3 Elite athletes in the NCAA.


65 T3 Alumni Competed In The NCAA This Season

The NCAA season is all said and done.  Congratulations to our 65 T3 Alumni that competed this year across divisions I, II and III!  We would like to recognize 12 players and 1 coach who have received outstanding honors from the NCAA.  Great job ladies and congratulations to all of our seniors who have graduated!

See who is committed for next season on our website!

Callie Dewitt- Bucknell
All-Patriot League Second Team
Academic All-Patriot League Team
Sophie Bass- Albright
All MAC Commonwealth First Team
All-ECAC Division III Women’s Lacrosse Second team
IWLCA Division III All-Star Game
Elizabeth Behrins- Denver
All Big East First Team
Emily Kitchin- Franklin & Marshall
IWCLA Division III First Team All-Metro Region Team
Bea Behrins- Denver
BIG EAST Tournament Team
Chelsea Orbin- Montclair
IWLCA Division III Boardwalk All-Region Second Team
All NJAC First Team
Megan Gianforte- Richmond
All A-10 Second Team
Michelle Pascrell-Stockton
NJAC Honorable Mention
Brittany Bruno- Villanova
BIG EAST All-Conference Second Team
Named to 2019 BIG EAST All-Tournament Team
Kathleen Jaeger-TCNJ
IWLCA Division III All-Star Game
All NJAC Second-Team
Paige Petty- Virginia Tech
Second consecutive All ACC First Team selection
IWLCA Division I All- South Region Second Team
West 2021 Coach Rachel Smith- Desales
MAC Freedom Women’s Lacrosse Coach of the Year
Lauren Britton-Bryant
All NEC Second Team

T3 Elite Players Named Top Freshmen and Sophomores Across NJ

You’ve heard about NJ Advance Media’s top performing juniors for the current 2019 season.  Now it’s the freshmen and sophomores’ time to shine! 21 T3 Elite players were noted as top performers in the state of New Jersey!  Good luck girls as you finish your 2019 season and looking forward to an exciting summer!  See the full list of T3 Elite players below.

T3 Elite is an organization of highly competitive girls teams for youth (4th-8th grade) and high school (9th-11th grade) players in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Our Elite teams train and compete on a year-round basis while still allowing flexibility for multi-sport athletes. Our strategy is to lay the foundation of training to succeed as a way of life. Find out more about our T3 Elite programs and what makes T3 Lacrosse different here.

Top Freshmen of the 2019 Lacrosse Season

 Full Article Here

Caitlin Beahm Shore 2022 Black
Kate Ducoff North 2022 Black
Elyse Madigan North 2022 Black
Madison Maguire North 2022 Black
Gia Mitchell North 2022 Black
Meghan Pedrani North 2022 Black

Top Sophomores of the 2019 Lacrosse Season

 Full Article Here

Skyer Alpert North 2021 Black
Chase Boyle Shore 2021 Black
Elissa Byrne Shore 2021 Black
Paige Harms Shore 2021 Black
Madeline Kelly Shore 2021 Black
Kelsey Klein North 2021 Black
Ryan Malfa Shore 2021 Black
Lindsay Mazzucco North 2021 Black
Kate Montalto Shore 2021 Black
Avery Morgan Shore 2021 Black
Olivia Pikiell North 2021 Black
Alexis Rich North 2021 Black
Victoria Shenk Shore 2021 Black
Kaitlyn Tartaglione North 2021 Black
Kellie Russo Shore 2021 Black

T3 Players From 3 Regions Named To The EAC All Star Teams

A staggering 17 T3 Elite players were named to the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference All Star Team for the 2019 season.  Congratulations to all of these Lehigh Valley Area Players!  Please visit LehighValleyLive.com to view the full all-star team list.

T3 West: 1st Team T3 West: 2nd Team
Katie Flynn- Freedom Allie Drake- Easton
Morgan Hurd- Parkland Maddie Caffrey- Easton
Kenzie Roth- Parkland Grace Hall- Emmaus
Juliana Lopez- Pleasant Valley Emily Lieby- Parkland
Lauren Kolakowski- Nazareth Kaz Kennedy- Parkland
Brooke Veit- Liberty Caroline Garrett- Easton
Emma Telatovich- Freedom Kristyn Kleinhenz- Parkland
Chloe Gerhard- Emmaus
T3 North: 1st Team T3 Central: 2nd Team
Alexandra Bush- Pleasant Valley Lea Kreiger- Easton



T3 Alumni Advancing To The NCAA Tournament

This past Sunday, May 5, was the 2019 Selection Show for the NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Tournament.  34 alumni are moving on the the tournament and will compete for the chance to become NCAA champions.  Congratulations to all of our alumni and good luck! Check out our full alumni stat sheet here

Division College First Name Last Name Grad Year High School Goals Assists GB CTO DC Saves
1 James Madison Brittany Bill 2018 Hunterdon Central
1 James Madison Kelsey Reed 2016 Watchung Hills 17 6 22 14 28
1 Denver Beatrice Behrins 2017 Ridge 41 4 9 2 3
1 Denver Elizabeth Behrins 2015 Ridge 15 5 35 23 2
1 Denver Abby Buczek 2018 DePaul Catholic
1 Florida Emily Petillo 2016 Manasquan 4 2 1
1 Florida Emma Wightman 2018 Ridge 12 7 1
1 High Point Cj Amster 2018 Bridewater Raritan 7 2 7 4
1 High Point Emma Genovese 2018 Mount Saint Mary Acdemy 6 1 7 7 14
1 High Point Philomena Loescher 2018 Ridge 22 8 10 1
1 UPenn Kaeli Huesman 2018 The Lawrenceville School 1
1 Syracuse Georgia Pesot 2018 Ridge
1 Richmond Megan Gianforte 2016 Manasquan 56 14 166
1 Richmond Lauren Kingsbury 2018 Hopewell Valley Central 12 6 9 7 2
1 Richmond Julia Schmuckler 2016 Kent Place School 9 3 18 5 30
1 Wagner Tory Tucci 2017 North Brunswick 23 23 18 9 4
Division College First Name Last Name Grad Year High School Goals Assists GB CTO DC Saves
2 West Chester Helen Kreschollek 2018 Saucon Valley 2 1 1
2 West Chester Rachel Noble 2015 Wall Township 3 1
2 West Chester Cate Zuccarello 2015 Hillsborough 1 12 12
2 East Stroudsburg Cassidy McKenna 2016 Ridge 15 3 11 3
2 Florida Southern Catherine DeKorte 2016 Immaculate Heart Academy 18 13 2 4
Division College First Name Last Name Grad Year High School Goals Assists GB CTO DC Saves
3 Wesleyan Breanna Cavanaugh 2015 North Hunterdon 35 26 3
3 Wesleyan Mckenzie Sheehan 2018 Randolph
3 Amherst Rachel White 2017 Bridewater Raritan 2
3 Franklin & Marshall Emily Kitchin 2018 Moristown Beard 16 6 75
3 Salisbury Gianna DeMato 2016 St John Vianney 31 5 14 4 14
3 Gettysburg Courtney Patterson 2016 Hunterdon Central 31 8 22 5 86
3 Mary Washington Shannon Bremer 2015 Indian Hills 4
3 Washington and Lee Kit McNiff 2017 Chatham 8 2 14
3 Ithaca Mackenzie Schade 2017 West Morris Central 24
3 TCNJ Kathleen Jaeger 2015 Hunterdon Central 30 10 19 10 1
3 TCNJ Kalan Smith 2018 Kittatinny
3 Colby Kristin Yorke 2017 Rumson Fair Haven 18 8 1
3 York Jenna Cholowinski 2018 Howell 9 2 5 3 7
3 Misericordia Alyssa Greco 2018 Pleasant Valley 6 5 2

Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your Game In The Rain

The forecast says it’s going to rain, but you have a big game tomorrow, what to do?! Well, T3 Elite Director of Player Development, Julia Braun has put together 5 tips for playing in the rain to help you get prepared and optimize your time on the field.

     As long as there is no thunder or lightning, lacrosse games will be played in the rain, but besides putting on your trusty cleats to play in grass and mud and donning your best water resistant jacket under your uniform/pinney, How can you play well?

  1. Don’t pull your strings super tight because your stick bagged out when it got wet. Your pocket turned into a bag and now it’s illegal. Before you tighten ALL of your strings, try just tightening the shooting strings and the sidewall strings. Those are the parts that give your pocket its shape and depth. Afterward: Don’t stick it somewhere and forget about it. Either take a hair dryer to your pocket or stuff some newspapers in it, otherwise your stick will be a brick wall the next dry day.
  2. Focus on your footwork. If you stay low, especially on defense, keep some bend in the knee and really work on breaking down your footwork, you’ll be much less likely to slide
  3. Shoot Low. If you are on grass the ball will skip unpredictably off the wetness of the grass. If you are in mud, the same will happen, but too hard and it will get stuck in the mud!
  4. Let your hair get wet. Hoods pulled under your goggles limit visibility and can be dangerous. Put your hood down, dig deep and play with guts.
  5. Have fun. It will be cooler so you can run longer without the heat slowing you down. Everybody is playing in the same conditions. The ball will stay in your stick better and you can really play some nice lacrosse in the rain. 

Julia BraunMeet The Author- Julia Braun 

Oversees all aspects of T3’s grade based core curriculum, utilizes her background in strength and conditioning to facilitate the T3 Strength program, implements coach training and support across regions to solidify consistency in teaching platform. Former player at Bucknell University, former assistant coach at Bucknell University. NSCA Certified Strength Coach.


NJ.com Recognizes 15 T3 Lacrosse Players For Top Performances In 2019

     As we get further into the lacrosse season, NJ Advance Media wanted to recognize some top performing juniors for the current 2019 season.  15 players from across the state were highlighted, noting their outstanding statistics thus far. Good luck girls as you finish your 2019 season and looking forward to an exciting summer!  See the full list of T3 Elite players below.

     T3 Elite is an organization of highly competitive girls teams for youth (4th-8th grade) and high school (9th-11th grade) players in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Our Elite teams train and compete on a year-round basis while still allowing flexibility for multi-sport athletes. Our strategy is to lay the foundation of training to succeed as a way of life. Find out more about our T3 Elite programs and what makes T3 Lacrosse different here.

Top Junior of the 2019 Lacrosse Season

 Full Article Here

Player High School
Bailey Aaron-T3 North                                      Ridge
Madison Bray- T3 North                                    Bridgewater- Raritan
Nicole Burney- T3 Shore                                    Notre Dame
Nicole Caldarone- T3 North                                    Mountain Lakes
Kate Carolonza- T3 Shore                                    Mountain Lakes
Kaitlyn Cumiskey- T3 North                                    New Providence
Taylor Herr- T3 Shore                                    Ocean Township
Jordan Johnson- T3 Shore                                    Rumson-Fair Haven
Victoria Labrecque- T3 Shore                                    Manchester Township
Danielle Livornese- T3 Central                                    Hunterdon Central
Jenna McHale- T3 North                                    Bernards
Sarah Miller- T3 North                                    West Morris
Kalie Moore- T3 North                                    Bridgewater-Raritan
Sophia Passalaqua- T3 Shore                                    Rumson-Fair Haven
Kya Risher-T3 North                                   



Elite Player Spotlight: Samantha Rothman

T3 Lacrosse would like to spotlight one of our players Samantha Rothman from the T3 Ocean region.  Samantha is an attacker on the T3 Elite Ocean 2021 team and is a member of the  Mainland Regional High School Lacrosse Team. During her sophomore season at Mainland, she has tallied 9 goals so far.  Samantha prides herself on her academics and began lacrosse in 8th grade. When asked what is her favorite aspect of lacrosse is, Samantha responded that she enjoys “learning new skills every time she plays”.  Good luck Samantha on the rest of your high school season and looking forward to seeing you out on the field this summer with T3!  Want to learn more about T3 Ocean Elite? Click here! 

Get featured on social media and the T3 website by clicking here to fill out our short questionnaire!


Tournament Recap: YouthFest 2019

     This past weekend teams from New Jersey, New York and Connecticut came together to compete at YouthFest 2019 in Basking Ridge, NJ.  Athletes from 3rd through 8th grade played in an exciting day of games; congratulations to all of our winners!

     The Devils Lacrosse Club 7/8th Grade team finished undefeated for the tournament to take home the 7/8th Grade Division title.  Cobra Kai Lacrosse Black 7th/8th also had a great day with the difference of a tie pushing them out of the finals. In the 5th/6th, Devils Lacrosse Club 5th/6th Black and Cobra Kai Lacrosse 5th/6th Orange won their divisions to advance to the championship match.  Cobra Kai Lacrosse took the title with a 9-4 final score. T3 Elite Lacrosse North 2025/2026 and Cobra Kai Lacrosse 5th/6th Black both had notable finishes, placing second in their divisions with only one loss each. In the final division 3rd/4th, there was a back and forth battle for first place.  The Greenwich Warriors and Devils Lacrosse Club 3rd/4th Red tied 11-11 in their first match in regular games. They met again in the finals with the Greenwich Warriors finishing on top 13-3.

     YouthFest is not only a youth lacrosse tournament, but also an opportunity for individual athletes to compete for prizes in the T3 Combine.  See the leaderboard below! Look out for more LGS Lacrosse/T3 Lacrosse events! Our next events are Rally In The Valley and Spring Club Play Day both on April 28th, click here to learn more about these events and other T3 Lacrosse/LGS Lacrosse events.


Fast Feet

7th/8th Grade:

  1. Mia Moskovoiak- 5:13
  2. Ava Olender- 5:21
  3. Jessica Owens- 5:40

5th/6th Grade:

  1. Olivia Ameri- 5.26
  2. Manvela P- 5.36
  3. Margaret McManus- 5.46

3rd/4th Grade:

  1. Calleigh Kreitz- 4.98
  2. Rachel Dwek- 5.56
  3. Katie Schwartz- 5.65
Weave Agility

7th/8th Grade:

  1. Gabby DiRenno- 11.73
  2. Ava Olender- 11.85
  3. Jessica Owens- 12.13

5th/6th Grade:

  1. Eve Campbell- 11.65
  2. Julia Pope- 11.81
  3. Kendall Schmerler- 11.88

3rd/4th Grade:

  1. Katie Schwartz- 11.66
  2. Alexia Tsourides- 12.05
  3. Sofia DeGloma- 12.75
Fastest Shot

7th/8th Grade:

  1. Madi Shamanski- 59 mph
  2. Ava Olender- 52 mph
  3. Tessa Figel- 50 mph

5th/6th Grade:

  1. Charolette Ullman- 54 mph
  2. Riley Boice- 50 mph
  3. Maggie Scally- 48 mph

3rd/4th Grade:

  1. Oliva Duran- 42 mph
  2. Arianne Lauf- 41 mph
  3. Tessa Figel- 50 mph

A Look Back on Queen of the Mount

As we gear up for YouthFest this Sunday, April 14th, we reflect on our first event of the spring season: Queen of the Mount. T3 Lacrosse Digital Marketing Coordinator Blaire Nathanson asked coaches, players and parents that attended Queen of the Mount what they thought of the event and the responses were overwhelmingly positive. Noel Ciocon, coach of the Young Guns 5th/6th grade team, stated, “Queen of the Mount was a fun event; great way for the girls to get rust off their sticks and get ready for the spring season.”  

Danielle Ives, first time T3 event attendee, coached the Lady Bulldogs 7th/8th grade squad.  Coaches Ives was asked what she is excited for in the upcoming lacrosse season.

“I’m excited about the playing part, a little nervous about the changes in the rules, including self start. This tournament has been great because it’s teaching them the new rules that I’d have to reteach them if they didn’t know, self start and the new sphere. And I have a lot of new players so this is a good way to get your feet wet before our games start.”  

Blaire spoke with the 3rd/4th Division Champions, the Junior Lions, located in Hunterdon County. Coach Hisner has attended T3 Events in the past and described the experience she’s had. “It’s just so much fun for the girls…well organized and good facilities.”Just a few short days until YouthFest in Basking Ridge, NJ. Look forward to seeing some Queen of the Mount participants and new faces! Look out for the schedule coming soon and check out the stations for the 2019 Lax Combine at YouthFest here!