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T3 is the only lacrosse program in NJ to utilize custom software from Sports Board to create a LOCKER for each player. The Lockers help us to implement our grade based core curriculum by providing teaching tools that reinforce the concepts taught in practice. Elements of our curriculum are made readily available for players and parents to review so that the family and the T3 staff are on the same page regarding the development of their player and the team. Using individual player lockers helps us build more complete players. T3 shares important athletic development content in an easy to use platform.

Take a moment to hear about the importance of checking your custom LOCKER from Julia Braun, T3 Director of Player Development.

When you open your LOCKER, our unique technology lets you view your personal coach evaluations, playbook, strength/conditioning workouts, training tips, T3 Leaderboard and much more. As you grow with our program, so does the content of your LOCKER! It even allows coaches to give you feedback after a tournament, rather than just an end of season evaluation.

Here’s How it Works…

When you become a member of our T3 Elite teams, you are issued your own, custom LOCKER. There is nothing that a parent has to fill out. Instead we pull your information from your initial registration and you are ready to go!

  • Coaches can provide you with individual feedback after a tournament
  • Read your playbook and prepare yourself for practice – use our custom workbook to study!
  • View your fall and summer coach evaluations
  • Benefit from new training tips and nutrition guides
  • High school players get direction on strength and conditioning and sports performance evaluations!

Then Have Some Competitive Fun! T3 Elite Leader Board

We know that our athletes like to compete both on and off of the lacrosse field. Sports Board is able to pull all of the strength and conditioning results so that our high school athletes can see our Top 30 Leader Board in their LOCKER and review how they measure up versus other T3 players in NJ and PA! Depending on the season, you can track your progress and see how you stack up against the other T3 players!