T3 Strength

T3 Strength

Jump Start Your Sports Performance

T3 takes a holistic approach to training which includes sports performance off the field. T3 Strength is a program for high school athletes playing for T3 Elite. The goals of the T3 Strength program are to prevent injury, prepare your body for elite play and help you exceed your potential on the field. T3 Strength will also give you a feel of what training looks like at the collegiate level to help you step into collegiate athletics more smoothly.

Have Some Competitive Fun With The
T3 Elite Leader Board

We know that our athletes like to compete. Sports Board is able to pull all of the strength and conditioning results so that our high school athletes can see our Top 30 Leader Board in their LOCKER and also on our website. Athletes can view how they measure up versus other T3 players in NJ, NY and PA! Each season, players can track their progress and see how they stack up against the other T3 players in each category. Results are sortable by grad year, by position, and more.

T3 Strength
T3 Strength Coaches

Here’s How it Works…

Member of our T3 Elite High School teams are invited to sign up for a 6-week T3 Strength session that is included in your elite fees. T3 Elite athletes choose one of our T3 Strength partners that is conveniently located and train over a 6-week interval. During the 6 weeks:

  • Strength Coaches will work closely with athletes to determine needs for mobility, stability, strength and performance by using various tests
  • Players go through a pre and post evaluation before and after the 6 weeks to track progress.
  • T3 Elite athletes have the option to continue training beyond the 6 weeks and discounted rates.