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Elite Player Spotlight: Samantha Rothman

T3 Lacrosse would like to spotlight one of our players Samantha Rothman from the T3 Ocean region.  Samantha is an attacker on the T3 Elite Ocean 2021 team and is a member of the  Mainland Regional High School Lacrosse Team. During her sophomore season at Mainland, she has tallied 9 goals so far.  Samantha prides herself on her academics and began lacrosse in 8th grade. When asked what is her favorite aspect of lacrosse is, Samantha responded that she enjoys “learning new skills every time she plays”.  Good luck Samantha on the rest of your high school season and looking forward to seeing you out on the field this summer with T3!  Want to learn more about T3 Ocean Elite? Click here! 

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Tournament Recap: YouthFest 2019

     This past weekend teams from New Jersey, New York and Connecticut came together to compete at YouthFest 2019 in Basking Ridge, NJ.  Athletes from 3rd through 8th grade played in an exciting day of games; congratulations to all of our winners!

     The Devils Lacrosse Club 7/8th Grade team finished undefeated for the tournament to take home the 7/8th Grade Division title.  Cobra Kai Lacrosse Black 7th/8th also had a great day with the difference of a tie pushing them out of the finals. In the 5th/6th, Devils Lacrosse Club 5th/6th Black and Cobra Kai Lacrosse 5th/6th Orange won their divisions to advance to the championship match.  Cobra Kai Lacrosse took the title with a 9-4 final score. T3 Elite Lacrosse North 2025/2026 and Cobra Kai Lacrosse 5th/6th Black both had notable finishes, placing second in their divisions with only one loss each. In the final division 3rd/4th, there was a back and forth battle for first place.  The Greenwich Warriors and Devils Lacrosse Club 3rd/4th Red tied 11-11 in their first match in regular games. They met again in the finals with the Greenwich Warriors finishing on top 13-3.

     YouthFest is not only a youth lacrosse tournament, but also an opportunity for individual athletes to compete for prizes in the T3 Combine.  See the leaderboard below! Look out for more LGS Lacrosse/T3 Lacrosse events! Our next events are Rally In The Valley and Spring Club Play Day both on April 28th, click here to learn more about these events and other T3 Lacrosse/LGS Lacrosse events.


Fast Feet

7th/8th Grade:

  1. Mia Moskovoiak- 5:13
  2. Ava Olender- 5:21
  3. Jessica Owens- 5:40

5th/6th Grade:

  1. Olivia Ameri- 5.26
  2. Manvela P- 5.36
  3. Margaret McManus- 5.46

3rd/4th Grade:

  1. Calleigh Kreitz- 4.98
  2. Rachel Dwek- 5.56
  3. Katie Schwartz- 5.65
Weave Agility

7th/8th Grade:

  1. Gabby DiRenno- 11.73
  2. Ava Olender- 11.85
  3. Jessica Owens- 12.13

5th/6th Grade:

  1. Eve Campbell- 11.65
  2. Julia Pope- 11.81
  3. Kendall Schmerler- 11.88

3rd/4th Grade:

  1. Katie Schwartz- 11.66
  2. Alexia Tsourides- 12.05
  3. Sofia DeGloma- 12.75
Fastest Shot

7th/8th Grade:

  1. Madi Shamanski- 59 mph
  2. Ava Olender- 52 mph
  3. Tessa Figel- 50 mph

5th/6th Grade:

  1. Charolette Ullman- 54 mph
  2. Riley Boice- 50 mph
  3. Maggie Scally- 48 mph

3rd/4th Grade:

  1. Oliva Duran- 42 mph
  2. Arianne Lauf- 41 mph
  3. Tessa Figel- 50 mph

A Look Back on Queen of the Mount

As we gear up for YouthFest this Sunday, April 14th, we reflect on our first event of the spring season: Queen of the Mount. T3 Lacrosse Digital Marketing Coordinator Blaire Nathanson asked coaches, players and parents that attended Queen of the Mount what they thought of the event and the responses were overwhelmingly positive. Noel Ciocon, coach of the Young Guns 5th/6th grade team, stated, “Queen of the Mount was a fun event; great way for the girls to get rust off their sticks and get ready for the spring season.”  

Danielle Ives, first time T3 event attendee, coached the Lady Bulldogs 7th/8th grade squad.  Coaches Ives was asked what she is excited for in the upcoming lacrosse season.

“I’m excited about the playing part, a little nervous about the changes in the rules, including self start. This tournament has been great because it’s teaching them the new rules that I’d have to reteach them if they didn’t know, self start and the new sphere. And I have a lot of new players so this is a good way to get your feet wet before our games start.”  

Blaire spoke with the 3rd/4th Division Champions, the Junior Lions, located in Hunterdon County. Coach Hisner has attended T3 Events in the past and described the experience she’s had. “It’s just so much fun for the girls…well organized and good facilities.”Just a few short days until YouthFest in Basking Ridge, NJ. Look forward to seeing some Queen of the Mount participants and new faces! Look out for the schedule coming soon and check out the stations for the 2019 Lax Combine at YouthFest here!


T3 Lacrosse Coaches, Players and Alumni Come Together For T3 Elite Day

T3 Lacrosse has grown over the years to cover 7 regions throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York, but the family atmosphere that existed on day one is still alive and well today.  In order to bring the family together, a program called T3 Elite Day was created. All regions of players, families, coaches and alumni come together on T3 Elite Day to watch a high level college women’s lacrosse game. It’s a great way for young players to experience what lacrosse looks like at the highest level and they get to play on the field at halftime for a truly exciting experience! At the end of each game the home team signs autographs for the T3 Elite players as a memento of the event.  

The first game of the T3 Elite Day program was between Stonybrook and Princeton at Princeton University. The home team took the win by one goal with only two minutes remaining. Next, T3 Lacrosse travelled to New Brunswick, NJ to see #2 ranked Maryland Lacrosse play Rutgers University. It is always exciting to watch and learn from some of the best women’s lacrosse players in the country!

Danielle Bay, T3’s West Regional Director, West and Central Recruiting Coordinator, and Director of Player Development who spearheaded the T3 Elite Day program, reflected on this first year event.  “T3 Elite Day is a great way for T3 Lacrosse players from different regions to get together, make new friends, learn more about college lacrosse, and watch great competition. Both events had a great turn out, and I am excited to go to more games in the future!”  T3 Lacrosse would like to thank Princeton University and Rutgers University for hosting T3 Lacrosse. We hope to return for another enriching experience in the near future!

Want T3 Lacrosse to come to your college or university? Email Danielle Bay at . Visit https://t3lacrosse.com/elite-teams/ to learn more about the T3 Elite Lacrosse program and attend a tryout!


The Morning Call Highlights 31 T3 Lacrosse Players for the 2019 Season

On March 19th, The Morning Call–the leading media company in the Lehigh Valley and the third largest newspaper in Pennsylvaniahighlighted 31 T3 Lacrosse players as “Impact Players” for their high school varsity teams in the Lehigh Valley region. 30 of these players compete for the T3 West Elite Program, and 1 player, Emily Tuterice, plays for the T3 North Elite Program. T3 West is lead by Program Director Danielle Bay, who played collegiate lacrosse at Centenary University.

Impact Players of the Lehigh Valley Area

Nazareth- Jillian Kowlakowski and Lauren Kowlakowski
Pleasant Valley- Julianna Lopez

Easton- Allie Drake, Maddie Caffrey, Emily Tuterice and Caroline Garrett

Freedom- Emma Telatovich, Katie Flynn, Abby Burnett, Caitlin Donnello

Liberty- Brook Veit

Central Catholic- Riley Stauffer

Emmaus- Chloe Gerhard, Grace Hall, Kellyn Kunkle, Emma Schoenly, Nesiah Bertram

Parkland- Morgan Hurd, Makenzie Roth, Emily Leiby, Emily Green

Saucon Valley- Sarah Duffy, Katherine Naiburg, Kimmy Polefka, Camryn Zavacky, Maria Donahue

Southern Lehigh- Lizzie Checkeye, Anya Kehs, Lauren Malicki, Taylor Moncmon

  Full Article Here

T3 Elite is an organization of highly competitive girls teams for youth (4th-8th grade) and high school (9th-11th grade) players in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Our Elite teams train and compete on a year-round basis while still allowing flexibility for multi-sport athletes. Our strategy is to lay the foundation of training to succeed as a way of life.

Find out more about our T3 Elite programs and what makes T3 Lacrosse different here.


Tournament Recap: Queen of the Mount

Seventeen talented teams made their way to Mount Saint Mary Academy this past weekend for the 2019 Queen of the Mount tournament in Watchung, NJ, where champions were crowned across three highly competitive divisions.

The 5th/6th grade division played round robin style leading straight to the final match. The MS Lax team from Suffern, NJ took home the title with a 6-5 win over Young Gunz in a great championship game. The 3rd/4th grade division also competed in a round-robin format. This was our closest competition of the day, ending in an exciting overtime victory for the Jr. Lions over the Devils, their crosstown rivals from Hunterdon County.

The Queen of the Mount provides a great opportunity for players and teams to shake off some of the rust before their full spring season begins. Coach Noel Ciocon from the Young Gunz program said, “It’s a nice tournament for getting ready for the spring. It’s a fun event, a great way for the girls to get the rust off their sticks and get ready for the season.”

Karyn Hissner, a parent and volunteer coach for the Jr. Lions expressed a similar sentiment. “It’s just so much fun for the girls. It’s well organized and T3 events usually have good facilities. It’s our first tournament of the year and for some girls it’s the first time they’ve been on the field, so it’s good for them.”

Finally, the 7th/8th grade division was also very tightly contested. The T3 Blue Unicorns and Westfield White teams were tied heading into the semifinal playoffs, but T3 had the edge in the “goals against” category. In the semifinals, Summit White cemented a spot in the finals with a one-goal win (4-3) over Westfield Blue. Summit White and Summit Maroon met in the finals, where they would share the crown with a tie.

Look out for more LGS Lacrosse/T3 Lacrosse events! Our next event is Youthfest, which offers the fun environment of a youth festival with the added bonus of a competitive combine! Click here to learn more!


18 T3 Lacrosse Players Named to NJ.com’s 2019 Players to Watch List

High school lacrosse season is around the corner in New Jersey! NJ.com has posted their annual offensive and defensive players to watch lists for 2019. 18 T3 Elite Lacrosse players have been selected to NJ.com’s list this season.  The players span three regions, T3 North, T3 Shore and T3 Central and all field positions.

T3 Elite is an organization of highly competitive girls teams for youth (4th-8th grade) and high school (9th-11th grade) players in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Our Elite teams train and compete on a year-round basis while still allowing flexibility for multi-sport athletes. Our strategy is to lay the foundation of training to succeed as a way of life.

Find out more about our T3 Elite program and what makes T3 Lacrosse different here.

Girls Lacrosse Offensive Players to Watch 2019:

T3 Shore:

Morgan Bartlett

Mack Boyle

Janie Cowley

Bri Samuels

T3 North:

Abby Cawley

Kaitlyn Cumiskey

Tai Jankowski

Olivia Lai

Jenna McHale

Cathleen Parker

Annie Thomas

T3 Central:

Dani Livornese


Girls Lacrosse Defensive Players to Watch 2019:

T3 Shore:

Celia Braswell

Nicole Burney

Kate Montalto

T3 North:

Bridget Cawley

Olivia Genovese

T3 Central:
Julia Tully

Full Offensive List Here

Full Defensive List Here


Have You Ever Wondered What T3 Stands For?

T3 Lacrosse is a dominant girls lacrosse brand in the tri-state area.  You have probably seen our name and our famous stick guy, but have you ever wondered what T3 stands for? Well, it’s a term that every lacrosse player should have in their vocabulary and skill set.  It’s the triple threat position.

The triple threat is the attacking position where a player can be a threat as a dodger, feeder or shooter. You are ready for anything and keeping your defenders on their toes.  Your hands are back, your stick is high and you are ready for all potential situations. When in the triple threat position make sure to keep your body in between you and your defender in order to protect your stick.  Also make sure to keep your head on a swivel. Be aware of your surroundings and what your teammates are doing. Whether they are clearing space for you to dodge and take your lane or cutting and asking for a feed, in the triple threat you are ready for either.  

Want to work on your triple threat? Get specialized training in your region.  Find a location in your area here!


Queen of the Mount Player Profile: Cranford Lacrosse 7th/8th


Meet Hannah Silverman, an 8th grade athlete for the Cranford Lacrosse Club. She plays on the club’s 7th and 8th grade team and is competing at the Queen of the Mount tournament at Mount Saint Mary’s Academy in Watchung, New Jersey later this month!

For the past 3 years Hannah has also played for T3 North Elite.  Last year she helped her team dominate the competition. They finished the year with an undefeated 12-0 record.  She was also the leading 7th grade scorer for Cranford. Hannah reflects on her favorite attributes of the game of lacrosse.  “You can improve working independently and while working with your team.”  She enjoys that in lacrosse your “always running and moving; never standing still.”  

Hannah is excited that she was able to get a team of her friends together to prepare for the upcoming spring season at the Queen of the Mount event.  If you are interested in entering a team visit our website here! It’s a 5 game, 6v6 championship style event for youth and middle school girls lacrosse players. Good luck Hannah!

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