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Turf Wars


Middle School & High School


July 19, 20, 21, 2019


Delaware Turf Sports Complex, 4000 Bay Road, Frederica, DE 19946, USA

Girls Divisions:

Graduation Years 2020, 2021, & 2022: Play on Friday, July 19 and Saturday, July 20, 2019   Graduation Years 2023, 2024, 2025, & 2026: Play on Saturday, July 20 and Sunday, July 21, 2019  

Turf Wars Registration NOW OPEN!

  • $1,500 Team Fee
    • $300 Non refundable deposit required to hold spot for your team.
    • $ 1,200 balance due February 1, 2019

Clubs Attending:

Cobra Kai, FCA Florida Select, Jersey Thunder, Lake Effect Storm, Legacy Lacrosse LI, Liberty Lax, Lucky Lax, Maryland Select, Nor’Easter, Rebels, Renegades, Salt City Snipers, Sound Lacrosse, T3 North, T3 Shore, T3 Central, Team 91, Team Elevate, Title 9 Lacrosse Club, Uproar, Westchester Elite, and more.  

Tournament Format:

  • High School divisions following guidelines for college recruiting event
  • All Divisions guaranteed 4 games, plus opportunity for playoffs
  • Player profile handbooks, including academic information, to be supplied to all college coaches in attendance. College coach boxes on each High School field
  • All 12 fields at 1 location!!
  • Certified officials and weighted brackets
  • All players must be members of US Lacrosse
  • Onsite parking, indoor restrooms, onsite concessions and vendors

Produced by:


Turf Wars Schedule

Schedule to be announced Summer 2019

All players are required to roster prior to the event.

When clicking the link below you will enter the player rostering and waiver process and also check who has completed the process for your team.  Follow the instructions under Online Rostering and Waivering header.


Online rostering and waivering opens: TBD

Completed rosters and waivers are due by June 1, 2019

Delaware Turf Sports Complex

4000 Bay Road
Frederica, DE 19946

Tournament Rules

  • All Divisions play 4 full field games.  Championship playoffs for all divisions.
  • Time outs will not be permitted unless there is an injury. During an injury timeout, the clock will run.
    2018 US Lacrosse Rules will apply (Will be updated with 2019 US Lacrosse Rules)
  • High School divisions will play US Lacrosse Level FC (full checking rules)
  • 8 meter free positions will be played out if foul occurs before time expires (at half or end of game). Player must go directly to goal, no pass and play ends with shot. If the 8 meter is already in play when the game horn sounds, the game is done at the time of the horn: if the ball crosses the goal line after the game horn, the ruling is NO GOAL (same ruling as USL)
  • Yellow and Red cards will be in effect. Time of the card will be kept by the team coaches (honor system). Teams accumulating 4 or more cards in a game will be required to play a player down the remainder of the game
  • Players who receive a red card may not be permitted to play in their next game. Contact tournament headquarters for ruling on a red card. Final decisions will be made at the discretion of tournament directors and head officials.
  • A coach who is ejected for violent conduct or serious foul play (red card) may be subject to not participating in the remainder of the tournament. Ejections are determined by referees; expulsions are determined by the tournament directors.
  • Coaches are permitted to call one stick check per game in the first half only.
  • Alternate possession- the team listed first on the schedule receives the fist alternate possession. After the initial possession is awarded, the possession will then alternate.

5/6th Division Rules

  • Modified checking and three second rule for good defense
  • 1 pass rule not used
  • 4 goal rule not used

7th/8th Division Rules

  • Full checking (US Lacrosse Level FC)
  • 4 goal rule not used

High School Divisions Rules

  • US Lacrosse Women’s Rules will be used


Possession Rule

Players below the restraining lines on the draw may not cross the lines until possession has been established. Once clear possession has been established the official will call out “Possession!” at which time other players may cross the restraining lines. Players on the restraining lines are still permitted to move behind the restraining lines when the whistle blows, but they are not permitted to cross until they here “Possession!”


Kicking The Ball

Players are now permitted to kick the ball as part of field play on any non-shooting effort. Kicking the ball into the goal is NOT permitted.



All coaches have complete responsibility for the conduct of their players, substitutes and spectators at all times. Coaching from the sidelines (giving direction to one’s own team on points of strategy and position) is encouraged, providing:

  • Each coach or substitute remains on their own half of the field between the substitution area and the restraining line.
  • No coach, substitute or spectator makes derogatory remarks or gestures to the umpires, other coaches, players, substitutes, or spectators.
  • No coach, substitute, or spectator uses profanity, participates in or incites any manner or disruptive behavior.
  • Officials have the right to stop a game at any time and to eject a coach based on their behavior, and the behavior of fans or players.
  • All ejections will be at the discretion of the tournament directors and their decision will be final


Inclement Weather Policy

We will play rain or shine. The fields are turf, so they will not close.
In case of thunder/lightning, all games will be suspended and fields will be cleared by sounding an air horn (three long blasts).
Games will resume 30 minutes after the last thunder/bolt was heard/seen.
Games will resume according to the actual time of the day – missed time/games will not be made up. Scores will be recorded as they stood when game ended as long as teams played at least 10 minutes.
Cancellation of the games is at the discretion of site managers, tournament directors and officials. Keeping everyone safe is our first concern. Partial refunds due to inclement weather are at the discretion of the tournament directors.

HOTEL POLICY: This tournament is a Stay to Play tournament.  All housing must be booked through PSE Housing.

Event management works closely with PSE Housing to not only source the best venues, but contract with a variety of hotels to fit all accommodations. We request to work with a wide variety of lodging partners in order to also secure excellent rates for all teams.

In order to achieve this, we request that all teams book their rooms through PSE Housing so that the hotels, cities and counties are assured that the discounts they offer are used by tournament attendees.

PSE Housing works closely with our lodging partners to track team reservations and the accommodation policies as well as ensure that there are enough rooms for all teams attending the event.

To reserve your Turf Wars hotel accommodations, please click HERE to be connected to the online housing form.

If you would like to make Team accommodations or need assistance with individual reservations, please contact Jaime at PSE Housing at  or 888-417-6446.

What if it rains during the tournament?

Game play continues in the rain as long as the weather does not interfere with player safety. If there is thunder or lightning, all play is suspended for 30 minutes. Play may resume when the storm clears. The availability of shelter from rain varies by location.

If there is continuous heavy rain, facilities may close the fields. If fields are closed in advance of a tournament’s start time, an email and text alert will be sent to all registered players. An announcement will be posted on the homepage of the tournament website.

How are tournament schedules organized?

Each tournament is divided into brackets based on level of play. Team coaches are asked in advance of the tournament to rank their team’s performance level. This ranking is then used to determine the game day schedules.

When will the tournament schedule be posted?

Tournament schedules are posted as far in advance as possible. At the latest, a tournament schedule will be posted the week of the tournament.

How do I get to the fields?

A field map will be located on each tournament’s website that will have directions and specific locations of each field. Once at the field location, fields are marked with large blue and orange flags.

Can animals be brought to the tournament?

Many facilities have strict policies regarding allowing animals on the property.

Do you have medical supervision at your events?

T3 Lacrosse contracts with certified medical trainers for every tournament. The trainer tent is located near the T3 event headquarters tent and is connected to field staff via radio. Trainers are provided access to golf carts to allow for a quick response to any medical emergency.

Can a team set-up a team tent?

Yes, T3 encourages teams to bring tents and make the most of the tournament experience.

What type of footwear is recommended?

The Delaware Turf Sports Complex is an all turf facility so footwear appropriate for turf is recommended.

What activities are close to Frederica, DE?

Below is a web link to a Delaware activity guide which will help you plan activities outside of tournament hours.

Official Delaware State Travel Guide


Other Questions?

If you have a question that is not covered here, please feel free to contact the T3 Lacrosse office at 908-766-4664.

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