Offensive/Defensive Shake School in Tinton Falls (Fall 2019)


Sept 17, 24, October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Grades: 7th-12th Times: 7:00-8:30 pm


ESSA Sports Performance, 31 Park Road, Tinton Falls, NJ




Join our OFFENSIVE of DEFENSIVE classes and get ahead of the Competition.



Does your dodge get you to the goal? Does your dodge create scoring opportunities? Do you understand the mechanics of a dodge? Is your FOOTWORK so GOOD that you can slip through the smallest gaps? Can you dodge, juke and maneuver all over the field? If you answered NO to any of these questions, you need to come attend this clinic. 

We will teach you how to TRAIN your body to move in and out of a dodge, control the possession by controlling your body and become an awesome proficient dodger all over the field! 

Don’t just be a DODGER, Be an EXPLOSIVE DODGER!

Together, Chris Raichle and Val Barnaby will teach you the proper mechanics and techniques and the finer points to make you an explosive dodger to include, 3 step splits, attacking the lead foot, hip rotation, hand positioning and rotation, proper foot placement and proper foot speed! Everything will be on the run, high reps, and most importantly EXPLOSIVE! If you are an attacker or a middle, you do not want to miss this!



A good defender  plays defense with her feet more than anything else. Being able to get your body between the offensive player you are covering and the goal is priority number 1.  Defenders have a number of tools at their disposal to get this done, but without good footwork, those tools will all be dull instruments at best.

The key to good one-on-one defense is dictating play, and remaining one step ahead of the attacking player at all times by maintaining good body position.  Against a skilled opponent, staying in front of your girl is almost impossible if you can’t move your feet effectively.  The drop stepside shuffle and a lateral change of direction are your best friends.

When you train, focus on the things that will help you the most: Legs and FOOTWORK!   You will be trained using speed ladders for  for quickness and body control, and plyometrics for  speed and power.  The focus should be on getting faster and quicker, and also on the ability to play a full game at 100%.

Long breaks between sets don’t replicate game situations..this class will keep you moving with intensity and high repetitions

It is  truly amazing what some of the best defenders in the game can do with their sticks, both when playing one-on-one defense and when carrying the ball.  The best defenders are  are also the best ball handlers, and I’ll tell you right now, that is NOT a coincidence. Be prepared to work those sticks!  It is the biggest tool in your toolbox, and when you are  in full control it can fix any situation. Having a great stick is about comfort, confidence and ability, and the only way to develop these three things is practice and repetition!

Together, Chris Raichle and Val Barnaby will teach you the proper mechanics and techniques and the finer points to make you the best DEFENDER out there!

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